I know, it’s blasphemy.  Screw it.  I’ve been disappointed in the last 2-3 episodes.  The final season started off strong, reminiscent of the early seasons.  Funny, slapstick at times, but also poignant.

Now?  Partial cast episodes.  I realize the cast is expensive.  But tough, it’s the last season, cough up the dough and write real episodes.  Lately, they’ve been too emotional and touchy-feely.  This is the crap that made Season 6 awful at times.  And then the Interns.  I’m aware of the rumored plans for an “interns” spinoff, or even worse – keeping the series name with a completely new cast.  Ack!  Don’t get me wrong – I actually *like* the interns.  “Joe” is hilarious, and I’m bummed they got rid of the “zwa” guy.  But they can’t carry the show, especially if half the regular cast is gone.

At this point, they might as well have had the series finale after episode 4, and started off the new series then.  Psssh.

3 Responses to “Has Scrubs Jumped the Shark?”

  1. Yeah, the partial cast episodes are really getting annoying. A whole episode with just Turk and Elliot? What the hell, they can’t be that expensive. And if the cast was that upset about the way NBC ended everything, you would think they would cut the show a break and take a reduced payroll for a year to send the show out on the right note.

  2. Yesterday’s episode was better. Refreshing to see all of the cast members there.

  3. Yes! We were thinking the same thing – and that’s just it! I enjoyed last night’s much more, and it was such a difference from last weeks…so what gives? Why push out crappy episodes if you can put together *good* ones?

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