So we need a desk. Something to put the printer on, the desktop PC monitor, and just to store “desk” stuff. Unfortunately, the stuff at Staples, Office Max, Office Depot, Best Buy, etc…..they all suck. Nothing seems to fit right in the room where we need it to go.

After poking around a bit, we checked out the website, and found a desk that looked like it would work, and wasn’t too expensive, at least relative to what we’d been seeing. Cost of the desk: $139. I went through the checkout process, and got to the point with the shipping calculated. $291.68 for shipping, plus $25.84 for taxes. What the hell?!? There’s a store over in Canton (near Ann Arbor), wouldn’t it come from there?!? Or somewhere in the United States? Why in the heck is their shipping and taxes so much?!?  Screw that, we don’t need a desk that bad.   Anyone have any experiences? Anyone have any desk recommendations??

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