How many comics can incorporate SQL Injection* into the punchline? See XKCD:

*The down and dirty of it is that SQL is the language to manipulate databases, and unless you check for certain characters when entering data, somebody could run code that isn’t meant to be run. That’s “SQL Injection”. By having “DROP TABLE Students” embedded in the student’s “name”, when the person entered the name into the school’s database, it inadvertently deleted the database table that stored all of the students at the school. They should have checked for that. :-D

As the Fall season roars into town this week (highs in the mid-50s today, woohoo!), to those readers out there that remember…well, actually probably just one of you out there: I can hear the CHS marching band out practicing on my way out the door, and this morning brought back memories of being out there at 7am practicing. It was 44 deg out at that time this morning. Ahhhh, good times!

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